Back Pain Causes Types And Treatment – part 1

Back ain Back Pain And How To Deal With It

Back pain is a regular problem og every house well i’m not a neurologist.

Not even an experienced physiotherapist or rehabilitation doctor.
Not that.
But as a general practitioner, I’ve learned enough about back pain in 12 years.

Back pain is the second most common reason why patients visit my clinic.
The first is, of course, respiratory tract infections, rhinitis to bronchitis.

Like Igor.

Igor comes to the ambulance “slashed” regularly, at least once a year.
It happened to him for the first time when he wore a little baby on one side longer.
Last time he “slashed” in drafts.
And a few days ago came “slashed” again ….
But this time he was aware that the cause was not in the back itself, but elsewhere – he changed his job and got used to the new environment was stressful for him for the first month.
Stress was transmitted to his back, he was tense all day and he couldn’t hear his back…

Or Zolo.

He just busted to tie his shoe laces and could no longer shoot himself.
The woman had barely brought him to me.
He immediately asked me for CT, magnetic resonance imaging, neurological and orthopedic examinations, or let me just send him to the hospital for infusions…
Such is the common idea of ​​US patients when their back aches.
They believe that all these examinations and treatments are needed.

But they are not.


Symptoms Of Back Pain

There are so many signs and symptoms of back pain look bellow for some of thems

  • Muscle ache
  • Shooting or stabbing pain
  • That Pain will radiates down your leg
  • Pain that worsens with bending, lifting, standing or walking
  • And it will improve reclining

The pain sometimes occurs suddenly.
Now you are totally okay and in five minutes you will “mow”.
Sometimes the pain grows gradually. In the morning you just feel the tension in your neck and in the evening you have a problem turning your neck right or left.

Cross pain is most common, but the cervical or thoracic part of the spine (between the shoulder blades) may also hurt.
Sometimes pain radiates to the ass, sometimes to the thigh.
By the thoracic spine, the pain may radiate to the front of the chest and you will be scared of having a “heart attack”…
However, none of these pains may immediately mean a serious illness.
Neither popped intervertebral disc.

Chest pain radiating from the spine may mimic a heart attack.

Most back pain also resolves on its own, without medications, injections or infusions, usually within one to two weeks.
But it needs a little patience.

Causes Of it

Scientists have not yet figured out why someone suffers from back pain frequently and the other does not.

Of course, this is related to overloading the spine, such as lifting heavy loads at work, especially when lifting loads incorrectly.
Occupational drivers, who sit behind the wheel for long hours and “shake” on the road, often suffer from back pain.
Long sitting and hunching behind the computer also have a bad effect on the back.
The deep back muscles weaken, muscle imbalances, posture, posture, and walking change.muscle cramp 

The back does not like drafts or wet cold.
Not a sharp movement.

It is proven that back pain is also related to our psyche. Often there is depression behind protracted pain in the crosses.
Or the pain in the neck suppressed anger.

Risk Factors

I know back pain as well.
And certainly you.
I guess I don’t know about anyone who’s been backless at least once in their lives.
It’s such a modern disease.

When you cut …

When you “cut” you in the cross for the first time, you’re scared.
It is a natural reaction.
You have already heard stories about popped discs, injections and complicated spine operations.
But there’s no reason to panic.
Most back pain (about 95%) is minor and would resolve alone and without treatment.

Just with the treatment it goes easier and faster

Sometimes the pain in the cross hides inflammation of the urinary tract.

This is most common in older women who may not even perceive inflammation (ie they experience no difficulty in urinating – neither burning nor cutting while urinating)
Urine should then be examined.
What you can find out from urine you can read in my article here.


In common cross pain, X-rays offer no explanation.
Conversely, they can lead to misdiagnosis, as possible changes seen on X-rays (such as spine growth) are rarely related to pain.
Conversely, sometimes, on the X-ray, we doctors see proper growths on the spine, but our patient does not feel them.
It is not always logical.

Better to say – it rarely has logic

Treatment of back pain

Back pain usually passes quickly if you continue to move and try to do daily activities.
Of course, you can relax as well.

But spending the whole day in bed or lying on the couch is not a good idea.
Sometimes the movement is difficult and the pain makes you lie down.
Then lie down in a position that relieves you.
Try this position: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Alternatively, put several pillows under your knees.

Someone is more helped by the side position with knees bent.
Even if you find a position where you feel relief, don’t stay there for hours. It is really necessary to stand up and walk if possible.

Ibalgin, Veral, Voltaren, or Flector – these are the medications that my patients usually “scrub” as first aid for pain.

All of these are anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs that relieve pain and reduce inflammation as it begins to develop.
Taking some of them in pain is a good idea.
It really helps if you take some pain medication for a few days.

The very finest (and sometimes miraculous helper) is a common paracetamol (Paralen, Panadol, Medipyrin) 500 mg tablet four times a day.
Ibuprofen-containing medicines (Ibalgin, Brufen, Ibuprofen) are already stronger – usually taken 400 mg three times a day, or diclofenac (Diclobene, Almiral, Flector).

Please Note

However, all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause stomach problems and WARNING stomach ulcers!
Even if you do not take them in tablets, but in the form of suppositories, injections or infusions.


If you suffer from back pain, think about whether it can be related to stress or work and try to eliminate the underlying cause.

Do you really need to take medicines?

Can a physiotherapist help you? or a masseur?

What can you do for yourself?

What are warning signs? When do you need to go to the doctor?

How to recur spine pain?

I will answer all of these questions and many others soon in Part 2

If you are interested in something specific, write me in the comment.

I’ll answer what I know.

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